Tuesday, April 3, 2012

531 W2

Well, updating more often went to the wayside last week. I guess I'm actually going to have to a schedule a time to do so. There's something about the accountability and the sharing of little victories that I think makes having a log worth it.

Scheduling last week turned into a game of knowing myself and not letting my inherent laziness take over. I knew at the start of the week that I was going to be out of town for the weekend, and that while I always intend to work out when not home, I never do. I know a lot of guys that travel and make the time to get gym sessions in, but I am not that person. Which means I loaded everything into 4 days in a row. What's the opposite of a weekend warrior? That's me.

Sunday (3/25)
I didn't do much, just went for a walk with my mom. I've really been trying to get my mom to do more lately. I mention it because I got her a Wii and the whole fit board thing. It's great! While of course getting to the gym and doing actual yoga or tennis or whatever is better, but I'm a big believer in baby steps and that something is better than nothing. It's not too hard, and gets her to jump around without her having to move out of her comfort zone. I really recommend it if you know some one that likes games and needs to make the transition off the sofa into some activity.

M (3/26)
Spent a lot of time on shoulder stuff, YTLW, dislocates, band pull aparts, face pulls, etc. I've noticed that my shoulder range of motion (ROM) on my right side is way less than on the left. I think it's a result of not tapping to shoulder locks, but I notice it a lot during yoga. Also, last time I took a progress shot of my back my lack of rear delts was pointed out by more than one person. So, while they aren't primary goals, extending my ROM and adding mass to my rear delts are in the 'do want' pile.

Then I got in some band assisted pull ups. I can pretty much get in 4 sets of 5 before even the band can't help me.

Warm up
100 mountain climbers - my calves don't take to running well and were super sore, jumping rope wasn't happening.
reps x weight

Played with dips a bit. I think I'm going to just use the assisted machine for a while. I'm not sure where I'd set up bands.

Tues (3/27)
Assisted Pull Ups 4 x 5
Incline Push Ups 4 x 5

75 30lb KB Swings - I'm really like these for getting glutes going before deadlifting. I really think about making it a hip hinge motion. I try to keep my shins perpendicular to the ground and not really moving them, letting all of the motion of the KB come from the momentum created by my hips.
reps x weight

I love pulling sumo, love it. I think I'm going to have to start chalking soon. As it gets warmer, my hands get sweatier. I don't think the gym will mind if I take in my little climbing chalk bag.

75 Hip Thrusts
75 Swiss Ball Pike

W (3/28)
Hula Hoop Class

Jump Rope x450

Benching 90 for reps left me feeling like a boss. I can't wait until I get to the big boy plates.

Th (3/29)

Spent some quality time with the foam roller and LX ball.
Assisted Pull Ups 4x5
Incline Push Ups 4x5
BSS 2x20 each leg

So when I do these I super set them, but a little oddly. I do 5 pullups, a set of BSS, then 5 pull ups, until I can't do pull ups any more, then I flank the BSS with push ups.

Warm Up
Jump Rope x450

Man that 120 was a grind, but I got through it. There's comfort in knowing that I should be able to according to the program. This was a quick session since I had to get to class.

Fri (3/30)
Finished off the BW stuff so totals for the week:
75 Pull ups
75 Incline Pushups
75 BSS each leg
75 Swiss Ball pike
75 Hip thrusts
Still feeling out dips, but they'll get done this week.

I ended up favoring weight stuff for cardio, which is something I need to watch for. I may try to do one of those couch to 5k programs for running accountability.

Sorry for another long ass post.