What's going on here? Pajamas?

I started this blog when my infatuation with BJJ (1) started and the uniform for the marital art is a gi. Rather then call it a gi though, we always just called them pajamas. And thus Pajama Adventures was born. 

I was completely enveloped in BJJ for about 3 years and am a blue belt (2), but I've moved and there's really nothing close. I try and hit gyms when I can, and occasionally make it back to Cleveland to roll (3) but BJJ doesn't have a consistent place in my life now. 

So then what am I blogging about now? A little bit of everything. Mostly fitness stuff, I may throw in a bit of science and some recipes... maybe occasionally complain or run about excitedly at life stuff. In general, I like to find things to become obsessed with. Work is so much in my head that outside of work I pick things that pull me out of my head, things that make me aware of being here now. 

I've blogged a bit about 531 (4). It's a power lifting program. Which maybe sounds intimidating, but it's totally not. I mean who doesn't want to be strong as fuck (5) ? I'm no where near that strong, but I'm stronger now then before I started, so that's something. I'll probably go through more obsessions, as I do, I'll try to add them in here.

Maybe a bit about me? These things are always so weird to write. I've heard from a lot of people that I write just like I am, so there's that. You can probably tell by now I'm thoroughly a science geek... hence the footnotes and links to research. Which also means if you have links to share about stuff please leave them, I'm an information junkie. Um... I guess facts. I'm in my 30s and female though often accused of being a 13 year old boy. I'm a vegetarian and was pretty unathletic (aka fat) until after I graduated undergrad. I guess if you have any other questions, ask? I'm pretty much an open book. 

(1) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aka submission wrestling for a nice overview see wiki  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Jiu-Jitsu Questions? Leave a comment and I'll answer to the best of my ability 

(3) As with anything there's a language to BJJ, I'll try to explain when I can/ remember to, but there's definitely an ethnography to be written about the subculture. It in itself is fascinating. Rolling is what people would recognize as fighting in BJJ, but you're not really fighting, you're playing. 

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