Sunday, September 23, 2012

And so starts another semester

I'm sorry, I keep listening to that little guy that sits on my shoulder saying - Eh, do it later. Turns out later usually doesn't come around. Finally though here I am.... I know you're all so excited.

The new semester started about a month ago, and at first I had grand plans. I was going to build a new lifting program, run for miles, oly lift, conquer the world, etc etc. Instead I find myself falling asleep at 6pm on a Sat night, and trying to be cake boss all day Sunday. For the record, fondant isn't as easy to play with as Buddy makes it seem.

Not to say I've done nothing lately, it just hasn't been organized, or lifting. I went to a Judo class last week. Oh man, so fun. It was mostly ground work in class, but even with that there was a lot that I didn't know. And then we rolled. I haven't rolled with Judo guys before. It was ridiculous. I kept getting swept with things I had never seen before. Or mini take downs from the knees? That's possible? Rolling with the Judo white belts made me want their skills. I think it might be worth the hour drive to go to a class a week. It'll get me more comfortable on my feet, the guys were really nice, and they have a consistent girl. It'll be good to get used to a female's center of gravity.

On top of that, my mom has signed us up for a body transformation challenge at her gym. I've been on her about doing things and getting in shape, and this is her answer. I told her as long and she'll do it, I'll do it. I think I've kinda let myself get to a point where I probably need the kick in the ass too. We did body comp stuff last week and lets just say, I think I've gotten too old to take 2 months of the summer off of eating well and working out. I've got about 130lbs of lean muscle mass which means the other 40lbs of me is fat. Taking the boobs and curve thing into consideration, I should be about 145-155. Which means I've got about 30lbs to lose to hit ideal. Can I lose 30lbs in 2.5 months? I guess we'll find out.

Part of the challenge is a Bootcamp at 6:30 in the morning, MWF. We went last week, and the running sucked, but the rest of it wasn't bad. I think it's geared for the weakest in the bunch or maybe they were just lulling us into comfortable? Since it wasn't that bad, and I'm usually up and at the gym at 5, I think I'm going to try to get some lifting in before hand. I'd like to come up with something new and exciting, but honestly I know I won't do it if it requires too much planning or thinking. I'm lazy like that. I can go to the gym, but so help me if I have to decide what to do once I get there.

Which means... I'm back on the 531 train. I liked it, and I do it. So, it works. What's that saying... the best plan is the one you will actually do? I'm just going with the maxes I started last cycle with. I'm assuming I haven't lost much strength.

OHP 75lbs
BP 110 lbs
Squat 135 lbs
DL 250

So that's pretty much the workout plan. Judo, 531 and Boot Camp. Probably some spin and yoga as needed. The weight loss is pretty much a kitchen thing. It's a boring grind. But one I've done and know I can do. I'm going to start with 1700 Calories total, at least 140g of protein, no cheese, no processed. It'll be fun.

For now though, bath time!

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