Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally! Some Pajamas

Yup, finally some pajamas. I managed to get some BJJ time in this month. I spent some time in Cleveland and got to roll in the academies new space. They've moved since I was last there and so things have changed a lot about the space, but the guys and Darren are just as awesome as ever ( link to website, I tried to link the logo but I'm not sure that will work, go see my boys, you'll love them as much as I do ).

I hit a few classes. It's been about a year (!) since I've actually been on the mats, and that felt really evident to me. I couldn't remember anything. We did the elbow escape and I kept forgetting to hook the leg after I escaped it. Even some of the self defense stuff was rusty. Despite all the rust, it was it was kinda nice to get back on the mats and be in class.

I rolled a bit but, I was just relying on instinct. I closed my eyes and just went with it. I didn't branch out and just rolled with the guys I'm comfortable with. All the same issues I've always had were still there. I can't pass butterfly guard with any sort of grace, and I still just hide in turtle guard even if it's not the best idea. There were a few times that I could have maybe gone for a submission, but that's never been a strong point of mine. I did get a few backs, but I don't know if that was just the guys going easy on me. It was nice that I was still able to do things based on instinct. I got submitted a few times, but it wasn't like I was getting my ass kicked. They were nice challenging rolls. It's reassuring that the fundamentals are thoroughly a part of me. 

A few things not directly related to BJJ became evident while rolling too. I could really tell that hooping had helped with hip mobility and control. I could feel the difference in my ability to surf when on top. The only thing that saved me from being swept from butterfly guard was moving my hips and sprawling on different sides as needed.

I also felt a lot stronger while rolling. In the moment it was really evident to me. The guys aren't weak, but I could still keep my arms when they were tugging on them. A lot of the times all that saved me was strength. I just felt more solid in general. I try not to let strength play a big role while rolling, it's not the game I want, but sometimes it's the only game I have. 

The game I didn't have, was a game with any sort of endurance. Oh man, after a few minutes of rolling I was wiped. Let's not even talk about the warm up and finisher mountain climbers after class. I guess ignoring cardio at the gym isn't the best idea. 

Overall, I'm really glad I went and rolled. I was a bit afraid at first to go to class. I hadn't been in so long, I was really worried that I'd have forgotten everything and would just totally suck but that wasn't the case. It felt really good to roll. I'll have to do it more often :) 

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