Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Fun!

I haven't spent a lot of time at the gym over the last month, but instead have been enjoying playing outside. I've recently discovered kayaking and have been doing a lot of that. We've done both slow lazy rivers and faster moving creeks and I've gotta say I'm more of a faster water fan. Not white water, but something with a current.

We spent some time in the Huron National Forest. Did you know jack pines need heat to reproduce? (1) Which means we got to hike through the burned down remains of a forest. While the heat was a little miserable, it made for good shooting and it was cool to go off trail. There are some trails in the forest, but they let you roam where ever you want. 

I have managed to hit the gym twice this week. I think my 531 powerlifter phase is over for a bit. I've kind of lost gym motivation, and that usually means it's time for a change. With the inconsistent schedule summer II provides it's hard to stick to a program, so I think I'm just going to try to do complexes when I'm in town. Maybe steal a bit from CrossFit WODs (2), you know the opposite of PL. So, this week Monday I hit a yoga class. After a weekend on the water it's about all my body can take. 

Jump Rope - 450 jumps, I'm slow and have no endurance (hopefully the complexes help with that) so for me that's about 50 jumps (do we call them jumps?) in 30 sec. So it's about 10 min of 30on 30off.

Ab Wheel - I couldn't get my own skirt on my kayak, I had to have Dallas get out of his and help me. It was embarrassing. He told me I needed stronger abs. So, stronger abs it is.

Clean and Press - I don't really know the Olympic lifts. I know theoretically what this is supposed to look like, but I'm not sure if it's what I was doing. I did about 20 with 65lbs in sets of 4-5. I didn't really keep track. I'm going to have to plan complexes so that learning the lift isn't a hurdle to getting a workout. 

I finished with some single are snatches with 45lb dbs. Mostly because I could.

Kept it simple, not easy, but simple.

KB swings -50 with 30lbs to get my ass into it

Ab wheel super supersetted with Palof Press (3)

Squats - 100 with 75lbs, it took me like an hour, but it was more mental then anything else. I needed a good kick in the pants.

Then I walked on the treadmill a bit, you know to make sure I could still walk.

Not sure what I'll do today.

(1) In case you want more info, a starting place since the jack pine is a common name
(2) The WOD list, and info about what WOD even means can be found at the CrossFit website
(3) I just do them standing, but progressions since I know you all can kick my ass