Saturday, March 24, 2012

531 W1 D3 and D4

You're going to have to bear with me while I adapt to blogging rather than just keeping a log on a forum. It's much more of a two way street there, here I feel a bit like I'm doing a 'dear diary' entry. I think I'll aim for two or three updates a week here, more might be overwhelming and less means I'll forget what's going on.

I may also need to do some name adjustments. I don't know that I can call this a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) blog, if I only actually do BJJ on occasion. I also know I have trouble sticking to just one topic. Life is one intertwined thing, I can't always talk about fitness without mentioning other aspects of life. I'll mull over it and decide, unless someone has some input. I'm going to try to stick to fitness and health related stuff, and if you're going to have to wear pants, pajamas are the best option.

I'm going to cram this past week into one post, to catch up.

M (3/19)
AM I did a bit of incline walking and foam rolling in the morning. If you don't have a foam roller and a lacrosse ball, get them, then google myofascial release. It hurts so good. And I'm pretty sure is what keeps me able to move some days.

PM 531 W1 D3
You'll note I'm in W1 of 531 but still on D3, I'm going to have to double up. The only days I can be sure to hit the weight room are M & W, so next week, I'll do 2 days of lifting in one session.

Jump rope - I am not a very good jump roper, but I'm getting better. I like counting jumps rather than time. So 450 jumps in sets of 100.

BB BP (Barbell Bench Press)
Weight x reps

For that last one the program says just to do more than 5, but I'm not very good at not having a goal number so I picked 7. Do you guys have a way you handle that? AMRAP (as many reps as possible) doesn't work for me.

I skipped accesories, I didn't know what to do, and in those situations my natural reaction is to do nothing

Tue (3/20)
AM Spin

W (3/21)
Hula Hoop class! It fits in my schedule again! I'm not a very good hooper. In fact I sometimes have trouble just keeping it on my waist, but I really like it. It's fun. We had class outside since the weather has been lovely lately.

Then 531 W1 D4

The gym was too crowded for jump rope so I went for the KB swings instead.
30lbs KB x 75
I aimed for in a row, but did stop a few times dues to technical difficulties like people walking in front of me, or me not being able to breathe.

Squats (barbell back squats)
weight x rep

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I'm finding squatting a bit scary lately. I think the light weight will help with that, but I really had to psych myself up to squat.

Th (3/22)
I decided to see what I was going to do about BW movements/accessory work. 531 says I should do 75 chin-ups, dips, GHR (glute hamstring raises), HLR (hanging leg raise), push-ups and single leg squats. Two types after each session. Seeing as for most of those I can't do one. Things need to be modified. I've decided to aim for 75 reps over the week, and have modified the movements.

So my goal is to get in one week: 75 band assisted pull-ups, 75 swiss ball pike, 75 hip-thrusts off the bench, 75 band assisted dips,75 incline push ups and 75 single leg squats each leg. As it gets easier I'll make the movements harder.

Th I knocked out the Single leg squats in sets of 10 supersetted with incline push ups in sets of 10. Took me about 45 min! I am no crossfitter.

Fr (3/23)
I ran! Outside! If you don't know me, you may think this is nothing, but running outside has been a big deal for me. I just haven't been able to make myself do it. But I sucked it up, and got in 3.3 miles of run/walk in about 50 min. The goal is to run it all. But I was happy with just getting outside, and I got to wear a new matchy outfit. I'll start posting pics once I figure out how.

Sat (3/24)
Yoga - I haven't gone in a while, it was evident.

And now we're here. Sorry for the super long post. I'll be better about bite sized from now on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

531 W1 D1 and D2

My schedule has been really weird lately. But to catch up with the first week of 531:

Monday (3/12) 
PM -First night of 531! 

Warm up 
Yoga flow 
Dislocates with the band 

Then jumping rope. My ankle can't deal with jumping on one foot, so I just skipped or jumped on 2 feet for 450 jumps, in basically sets of 100. 

Sets xReps xWeight lbs 

1x3x50 - I was supposed to stick to 45, but messed up, I'm using the blackiron website, but this seems weird, I need to go back and read the book better. 
1x10x50 - 10 reps? I hadn't realized reps go past 5, lol 

I want to do the BW program as accessory, but my body weight makes it hard, and I forgot my band at home so I improvised. 

3x15x65(?) Not sure of the weights on the machine 

Tricep Pressdown - used the machine that's supposed to be like dips. I don't think it's like dips. Machines are weird. 
3x15x weight - no idea what the 3 little dots mean on the weight stack. I think it's supposed to make it less intimidating, but I just find it confusing. 


Wends: (3/14)

Jump rope x 450 
85x 5 
105x 5 
125x 3 
135x 5 
155x 5 
175x 7 

Swiss Ball Pike x75 
Glute Bridge x75 (since I can't GHR, and we don't have one) 

I didn't get any working out in Th- Su :( 

And we're back

It's been a while since I've posted here. I started keeping a log on a forum and kinda just let this die. The forum imploded though, and I find myself a bit lost. I could find a new forum, but I think I'm mostly over Mod Wrath. I'm going to park myself in this little corner of the internet and you're welcome to join me. 

So, what's been going on in the last few years? I've moved. I haven't rolled consistently in about a year. I do go back and visit my boys but until recently I hadn't found anywhere here that I'm comfortable rolling. I finally did find an academy that's localish (about an hour away) that I can hit once a week. Rolling once a week isn't going to improve my game, but hopefully it will make it so that I don't lose everything I've learned.

In other news, I've just started Wendler's 531. Mostly because of this article and because I want to play power lifter for a little while. I'm only in week 1 so it's a good time to transition to a new blog I guess. 

I tested maxes before I started:

OHP 65lbs x 1
BP 100lbsx 2
Squat 135lbsx 2
DL 225lbs x2 (I've been pulling sumo)

I'm also trying to figure out the assistance work, I'd like to do bodyweight, but I have a lot of weight (170lbs) and not the best ability to move it around. I'll figure out progressions soon. Just doing it as prescribed is too hard and I've found myself skipping it all week. 

Anyway, if you're reading and I've lost you let me know. I know I can be a bit jargony and my spheres don't always overlap.