Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And we're back

It's been a while since I've posted here. I started keeping a log on a forum and kinda just let this die. The forum imploded though, and I find myself a bit lost. I could find a new forum, but I think I'm mostly over Mod Wrath. I'm going to park myself in this little corner of the internet and you're welcome to join me. 

So, what's been going on in the last few years? I've moved. I haven't rolled consistently in about a year. I do go back and visit my boys but until recently I hadn't found anywhere here that I'm comfortable rolling. I finally did find an academy that's localish (about an hour away) that I can hit once a week. Rolling once a week isn't going to improve my game, but hopefully it will make it so that I don't lose everything I've learned.

In other news, I've just started Wendler's 531. Mostly because of this article and because I want to play power lifter for a little while. I'm only in week 1 so it's a good time to transition to a new blog I guess. 

I tested maxes before I started:

OHP 65lbs x 1
BP 100lbsx 2
Squat 135lbsx 2
DL 225lbs x2 (I've been pulling sumo)

I'm also trying to figure out the assistance work, I'd like to do bodyweight, but I have a lot of weight (170lbs) and not the best ability to move it around. I'll figure out progressions soon. Just doing it as prescribed is too hard and I've found myself skipping it all week. 

Anyway, if you're reading and I've lost you let me know. I know I can be a bit jargony and my spheres don't always overlap.


  1. In!

    is it anonymous if I sign

    1. You could never be anonymous Frenchie, I've inundated all my friends with stories of how I want your numbers! You're famous now, famous can't be anonymous.

  2. Cool beans! Just have to ask, what is rolling? Are you like a bowler or something?


    1. Rolling is what doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is called. When two people (aka players) are engaged in a BJJ match (aka game) we say they are rolling together.

      I'll probably hit a BJJ class over the weekend and when I post about it, I'll preface it with an intro to BJJ.