Wednesday, March 21, 2012

531 W1 D1 and D2

My schedule has been really weird lately. But to catch up with the first week of 531:

Monday (3/12) 
PM -First night of 531! 

Warm up 
Yoga flow 
Dislocates with the band 

Then jumping rope. My ankle can't deal with jumping on one foot, so I just skipped or jumped on 2 feet for 450 jumps, in basically sets of 100. 

Sets xReps xWeight lbs 

1x3x50 - I was supposed to stick to 45, but messed up, I'm using the blackiron website, but this seems weird, I need to go back and read the book better. 
1x10x50 - 10 reps? I hadn't realized reps go past 5, lol 

I want to do the BW program as accessory, but my body weight makes it hard, and I forgot my band at home so I improvised. 

3x15x65(?) Not sure of the weights on the machine 

Tricep Pressdown - used the machine that's supposed to be like dips. I don't think it's like dips. Machines are weird. 
3x15x weight - no idea what the 3 little dots mean on the weight stack. I think it's supposed to make it less intimidating, but I just find it confusing. 


Wends: (3/14)

Jump rope x 450 
85x 5 
105x 5 
125x 3 
135x 5 
155x 5 
175x 7 

Swiss Ball Pike x75 
Glute Bridge x75 (since I can't GHR, and we don't have one) 

I didn't get any working out in Th- Su :( 

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