Tuesday, June 12, 2012

531 C3 W3 Benching

Did a bit of benching today, and I wore a cute new shirt, so we'll see if I can figure out how to post pictures on here. It's a nice light material. Lately I've been a sweaty monster in the gym, and have been rethinking the cotton t-shirts in the summer. It's always disconcerting to realize that you're the smelly one in the gym.

Went with the usual start of moseying on the treadmill with my coffee for 10 min. It was hot though, so I did really feel the need to warm up a lot. So, I skipped a lot of it. Probably not the best idea, but meh. Did a few shoulder dislocates and got to benching.

3x95 (!)

Reps with 95lbs! This is why I'm liking 531. That's a little over half of bodyweight (170lbs) and I got to put 25s on the bar. I've been focusing a lot on good form and keeping my whole body tight even if the weight isn't heavy. It's really easy to just lay there and knock out the weights below 60 without being mindful of what I'm doing, but I think if I can get the form locked in when I don't have to, it'll be there when I need it. That last rep of 95 really did take my entire body to finish. Who knew legs were so important to benching?

Then I did a bit of ab stuff. I have never been big on ab work, but I think it's affecting my squats and also I'm a bit concerned that I may chip away at all my fat and find nothing but organs under there. I'm sticking to stabilizing movements.

Supersetted for just 2 rounds cause I'm weak and form is shot to hell after more:

Ab wheel x 10 off knees
Paloff press x 10 ea side

Then I didn't want to do anything, so I found a treadmill in the corner and climbed a little hill. 10 min at 3mph with a 5 incline then 10 min with a 10 incline.

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