Monday, June 18, 2012

531 W1 C4

I decided to skip the deload and venture right into the next wave of 531. So, I've kinda been eating like a beast along with lifting like a beast for this last wave. It's actually been pretty good to my body. I feel like I've added mass in good places, le ass and shoulders. (I'm going to show off le ass a bit)

What it hasn't done is made me more comfortable in a bathing suit. We've got some beach time planned for the 4th of July, so for this wave, I'm going to ramp it up a bit. I don't like cardio, so my ramp it up is going to be BBB. I know BBB squats feels like cardio, so adding it in for bench and DL should be enough. I'll keep the BW stuff in too. We'll see how it goes, if it sucks/ doesn't work, I'll adjust next wave.

Todays gym time was a little off the norm. I slept in and missed my morning, so instead went at lunch. Remind me to never do that again. I'm not really comfortable with BBB for MP so I'm not doing it. 

Warm up- shoulder focused


Face pulls
2 sets of 12 at whatever weight the machine is at

Then I did a yoga class. My hips are still super tight from Friday's squats, and I was there at the right time, so why not? It was fun, and helped the hip situation a lot.

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